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branded calling that saves lives!

Having trouble getting clients to answer? 448 Recruitment discovered that branded calling gets calls answered and lives saved – literally.

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While digital communication offers speed and cost-efficiency, phone calls remain crucial for enhancing the customer experience in the Last Mile. 

Explore how changes in consumer behavior, STIR/SHAKEN, and call labeling from major cellular carriers are impacting how we effectively communicate with customers.

Caller ID monitoring

Phone numbers with negative labels like Scam Likely, Potential Spam, Spam Risk, and Fraud, have less than a 10% chance of being answered.

Every organization should monitor their outbound calling numbers for negative labels across the major carriers and call-blocking apps. Mislabeled phone numbers hurt your reputation and contact rates. 

Do you know if your phone numbers have negative labels?


Who is “Scam Likely” (And why are they calling me)?

If you’re a T-Mobile or a MetroPCS subscriber, chances are you’ve received one of these calls recently: “Scam Likely.” This naming convention appears on incoming calls, rather than random numbers unknown to you. Seeing it pop up on the screen makes one hesitant to answer the phone.

Healthcare case study

A teledentistry company offers sales, account servicing, scheduling, and support through their calling programs. Despite calling customers who came through referrals or requested to be called, people were not answering.

Using Branded Communications, the company experienced an increase in contact and conversion rates to impact revenue, operational efficiency,

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