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branded calling that saves lives!

Every business likes to imagine their work saves lives, but how many can actually back up that claim? 448 Recruitment discovered firsthand that branded calling saves lives – literally.

Branded Calling in Action – 448 Recruitment Blood Donations

448 Recruitment specializes in recruiting blood donors for hospitals and blood donation centers nationwide. The team at 448
places thousands of phone calls daily for hospitals asking for urgent blood donations. But because their calls were unidentified, most calls went unanswered.

“The reason we were driven to First Orion and subsequently started 448 Connect, is we were seeing a dramatic decrease in our contact rates and the number of donors we were talking to,” said Mark Sanger, President and Founder of 448 Recruitment.

Sanger said what was plaguing 448 is something that plagues B2C industries everywhere – if you can’t get the customers to answer your phone calls, you’re in trouble.


Branded Calling Saves Lives

Thankfully, 448 was able to identify their outbound calls using INFORM Branded Calling when a terrible car accident resulted in an urgent need for blood donations. 

Branded Communication – A Game Changer for Businesses

INFORM allowed Mark and his team at 448 Recruitment to spring into action and immediately label all of their outbound calls with the name of their hospital client and the O- blood type the hospital urgently needed.

When 448 added INFORM Branded Calling to their outbound call strategy, their answer rates shot up by 25% in every market.

Engagement rates went up, too, meaning that when people answered, they were ready and willing to help because they knew the reason for the call.

“Branded Communications is a game changer in the branded calling space and has literally been a lifesaver for blood donation centers and hospitals that rely on donors,” Sanger said.

Branded Communication can be a game changer for your business too. Ready to see how it works?

Check out our Contact Us Page and schedule a time to speak with someone on our sales team.

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