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Safeguard Your Caller IDs from Scam and Spam Labels

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Improve Your Contact Rates 

Stay in Control of Your Phone Number's Reputation

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improve contact rates
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When your caller ID is labeled with Scam Likely, Spam Risk, Potential Spam, or Fraud the likelihood of your customer answering your call is less than 6%. But it's not just a missed opportunity; it also negatively affects your business' reputation. 

phone number monitoring


Our diligent monitoring spans across major carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, ensuring your calls are recognized correctly.

remove negative labels


Our proactive approach includes filing support tickets to remove negative labels and restore your communication effectiveness.


screenshot PROOF

With screenshot capture functionality, you can see exactly how your Caller ID displays on both Android and Apple devices.

caller id reputation


We extend our monitoring to  apps like Nomorobo, Truespam, Icehook, and we keep an eye on any FTC complaints related to your phone numbers.

register phone numbers


We register your business and phone numbers with the major carriers and analytics engines.

update cnam caller id


We verify your Caller ID (CNAM) to ensure that your identity is accurate.

Are you tired of grappling with lower-performing phone numbers that cripple your outreach efforts? Our cutting-edge, machine-learning phone number inventory management system will choose the best phone number for each call. 

We will transform the way you connect with prospects and customers.


phone number inventory management
machine learning
get next api

Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning:

Say goodbye to stagnant phone number choices. Our system employs state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms that dynamically adjust and optimize phone number selection for every call. This means you'll always utilize the most effective numbers in your outbound dialer campaigns.

Revolutionary "getNext" API:

Unleash the potential of personalized engagement! Our groundbreaking "getNext" API takes your outreach to the next level by tailoring contacts down to the individual prospect or customer. This level of personalization maximizes your connection rates, fostering meaningful interactions.

local presence dialing

Local Presence Dialing:

Forge stronger connections with local presence dialing. Make your outreach more relatable and impactful by leveraging local area codes that resonate with your contacts.



Fully integrated with Caller ID Protection. Integrates with your dialer platform.

Revolutionize Your Outbound Dialing with Our Comprehensive Phone Number Inventory Management System

scam likely

Do you know if your phone numbers have negative labels?

The reality: unwanted spam and scam calls, as well as robocalls are a significant issue for consumers. None of us like getting these types of calls. Collectively, we dislike them so much that we have become conditioned to stop answering our cell phones. Only 19% of the population answer calls from unknown numbers... creating a huge problem for companies that rely on the telephone to reach their customers. A phone number with a negative label has less than a 10% chance of being answered. The issue can't be ignored as doing so impacts efficiency, productivity, and credibility.

Carrier Algorithms

Industry experts suggest, to avoid the cellular carrier flagging algorithms you should limit call volumes on outbound numbers to between 75-150 calls per day per number. Adhering to this ratio, however, does not guarantee successful aversion, it does decrease the probability. Keep in mind that the algorithms do not recognize your business, it is instead about the associated phone number and how it
has acted previously. Having more outbound numbers that can be rotated throughout the calling day will provide an advantage, as well as added calling-campaign flexibility.


Your caller id reputation is vitally important. One of the easiest things to do is monitor your phone numbers for negative labels across carriers and call-blocking apps. It is vital to check for unfavorable classifications like Potential Spam, Spam Risk, and Scam Likely on your phone numbers in order to maintain a good reputation for your caller ID's. Phone numbers that are assigned any of these negative labels have less than a ten percent chance of being answered.


Remediating numbers with negative labels is necessary and appropriate for a combination of reasons. For small businesses, there are publicly available remediation options like Free Caller Registry that are sufficient. Larger entities may require professional remediation to mitigate their negative labels, especially those with hundreds or thousands of outbound calling numbers. 448 Connect offers several
options and will help each of our Clients decide which is best for them based on circumstances and budget.


Calling Best Practices

Make sure you are doing the basics. TCPA compliance, maintain your DNC list, practice good list hygiene, and do not engage in aggressive calling practices. Each practice helps “good actors” use the phone successfully. 448 Connect can consult on these best practices, share use cases, recommend protocol changes, and recommend behavior that prevents “bad actor” behavior.


Branded Calling

Branded Calling is a newer technology to hit the market, which can place a 32-character caller ID on calls made to cell phones. Businesses using this technology are seeing considerable bumps in their answer rates and engagement rates. Letting your customers know it's YOU who is calling is a great way to get them to answer your calls again.

These are just a few tips for solving this problem. The best place to start is to find out if your phone numbers are flagged.   


Call us today for a free consultation.

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